Jun 19, 2023

Call systems with speech relieve the nursing staff

Posted by: Inge Gross

Call systems with speech relieve the nursing staff


Endless waiting times - shortage of skilled workers leads to bottlenecks in patient care.

The current staff shortage is clearly noticeable in the nursing sector. The quality of patient care is suffering massively. Long waiting times are no exception. EZ CARE nurse call systems offer a variety of additional functions that relieve the available nursing staff.

Nursing staff and patients in dialogue

The nursing staff can directly address calling patients from any location and ask them about their needs. Required utensils (e.g. painkillers or a glass of water) can be taken directly to the patient, reducing the patient's waiting time and saving the staff unnecessary journeys and thus valuable time.

Targeted information distribution

Announcements facilitate the daily work. Patients as well as the nursing staff themselves are provided with valuable information without having to visit them personally. Different announcement options, e.g. only in rooms with activated presence, enable targeted information distribution. Direct addressing of individual rooms or beds is also possible.

Play it safe

Another very popular additional function is listening in on rooms. This is mostly used in baby wards. It is used to listen in on rooms cyclically for a short time in order to recognise and react to conspicuous noises made by the babies. Rooms where people are present (e.g. parents) are automatically excluded.

The most important advantages of the EZ CARE nurse call system with speech function
  • Reduced walking distances for staff
  • Reduced waiting times due to targeted action
  • Reduced risk of infection

EZ CARE solutions help to compensate for the bottlenecks in patient care caused by the shortage of skilled staff.

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