Real Time Location Asset Tracking and Management

An average hospital can waste 1000’s per day in wages due to time spent searching for mobile medical equipment, not to mention the over-procurement of assets to ensure availability. Empower your staff with real-time location information that eliminates (not just narrows) searching and with accurate data to evaluate current utilisation.

With our Asset Tracking solution, clinical and non-clinical staff alike can find equipment by simply glancing at their monitors. Beyond the real-time benefit, our EZ CALL IP Real Time Location Systems also automatically logs an asset’s movement in and out of patient care locations. This data is available in our software suites.

Often, there is a complete misbalance between the usage of mobile medical equipment which can be as low as 50 % whilst critical care equipment is overstocked by 20-30 %.

Typically, 20 % of medical equipment cannot be located for use, inspections or preventative maintenance. Wasted time spent searching for equipment equates to 1000s per day in staff wages. This time could be spent on patient care and other essential tasks. From experience, up to 75 % of this missing equipment is re-ordered because it is needed, but cannot be found. Removing recalled equipment from patient care is a critical priority, yet it can take hours or even days to complete. Some recalled equipment can’t be found.

The key to getting any capital investment approved is so often ROI (Return on Investment). We’ll help justify these goals with our technology.

When tag is idle, intervals between signals is longer and saves on battery life. This extensive tag battery life saves money, reduces the inconvenience of constantly changing the units and enhance security.

Where employed, user badges also include an integral staff attack button which when pressed can summon assistance in sometimes challenging workplaces. These dual technology IR/RFID badges deliver the benefits of people and asset location as well as staff attack in the same badge.

Unique identification codes mean that users can be easily identified and safely located when necessary.

Feature Focus

The sortable data allows you to quickly find assets by ID, owner, manufacturer, model or type. View preventative maintenance dates, warranty and battery expiration as well as the current locations of tagged assets.

Historical reports for identifying the locations and movements of equipment are available with a few clicks. Users can choose between list and graphical layout views to provide situational awareness and are configurable to a premise’s needs.

  • Fast payback by reducing inventories
  • The location and type of mobile medical equipment can easily be viewed or searched for
  • Historical reports for identifying the locations and movements of equipment can easily be exported

Features at a Glance

  • Easy to use software
  • Fast ROI
  • ‘List’ and ‘graphical views’
  • Systems integration
  • Improves efficiency for nurses
  • Helps with preventative maintenance
  • Reducing needless equipment rentals and purchases
  • Improves patient flow by expediting delivery of equipment for patients
  • No need to write off lost equipment
  • Extensive tag battery life
  • Includes integral staff attack button
  • Can be extended for other RTLS applications such as staff location, bed management, automatic nurse call and staff attack

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