Displays for Nurse Call Systems

We have a wide range of nurse call displays to the suit needs that different healthcare establishments have – typically sited at nurse bases, corridors or within bedrooms.

To begin with we have physical displays which are typically wall mounted and sometimes desk mounted too. These can display calls in a prioritised order, allowing users to instantly understand the situation and respond accordingly.

We can also supply speech enabled versions that enable speech between patients and staff but also between staff and even announcements to help drive operational efficiency.

Where appropriate, we can also employ our patented ECS Emergency Call System which in IP configurations, can be employed to further bolster the underlying integrity of the system by enabling a basic level of calls to be distributed in the case of a network switch failure.

Other much loved features include our powerful RFID technology which will read and register a user’s ID if an audit trail is required.

We also have free staff friendly applications to help drive operational efficiency for healthcare staff.  An example would include our much loved ‘nursing reminder app’ which allows clinical staff to set reminder alerts which will activate the nurse call system after a set time interval.

We can also provide wall and ceiling mounted displays to help local staff quickly respond to any calls. All displays are designed with infection control mind and come complete with in built protection to fight the build-up of bacteria.

Finally, we supply an impressive array of supporting software suites which are used to easily visualise the status of calls but also for logging purposes. These can be in ‘list’ format or in the form of a graphical layout of your building. 

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Multicolour LED Dome Lamp

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EZ CALL IP Workstations Software Suites

Easy to use, intuitive care management software with powerful call status view & control tool options.

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