Patient Handsets

PatientenhandgerätEZ CALL IP Nurse Call Patient Handsets are synonymous with quality in the healthcare world. In designing them we’ve had to simultaneously address a number of goals.

The above technical features however would mean little if we hadn’t also thought considerably about the design of unit too. The units are much appreciated in this respect too. The complete range is ergonomically designed to suit the curvature of the hand and finished in attractive clinical white to suit the modern healthcare workplace.

To illustrate our commitment to after sales service, we stock a comprehensive range of spare parts – at sensible affordable prices.  These even include cost saving replacement handset plastic fascias – a real plus in lifecycle focused age.

We’re really proud to have a really wide range of patient handsets. Options include call type buttons, light controls, speech facilities, radio/TV controls and dip sterilisable IP 67 versions. Optional buttons exist for room/bed light control and dimming. Other options include roller shutter, Radio/TV switch and volume controls – all of which are configurable.

To address any infection control concerns that you may have, for total peace of mind, our complete range of patient handsets are anti-microbially treated for greater protection against the build-up of bacteria. These offer superior protection over other 'coated' options which are more susceptible to scratching and wear and tear.

Wide Range of Patient Handsets

An integral microphone and speaker allows speech for an efficient response to a patient’s needs. Patients can choose between a hands-free or discreet modes with our easy speech facility. With discreet mode, the handset can be held in the hand and used like a standard telephone handset. Alternatively, in hands-free mode, the handset is used whilst left in it’s wall mounting bracket sometimes known as a cradle.

A Standard 3.5 mm headphone socket exists for entertainment with automatic voice override.

To prevent handsets from slipping off beds, we also supply blanket clips.

For client convenience, we also offer different cord lengths (3, 5, 10 m’s as standard).

The handsets themselves include a large bright and illuminated button with reassurance light, complete with a tactile ridge to ease use. At night, it becomes more visible.

Sometimes you’ll be attracted by our range of time saving handset features which includes the option of having a dedicated service type button with a distinctive ‘S’ symbol.  If a patient or resident is looking for help in relation to a non-medical issue, the call will be instantly directed to a dedicated service display instead, allowing carers to carry out their day to day staff duties without being distracted.  

D-Socket Feature

Our handsets connect to our EZ CALL IP Call Units which include our much loved EZ CALL IP safe release D Socket feature. Unlike other manufacturers, who’s sometimes poorly designed units result in call panels being ripped off the wall when handset leads get tangled up around bed legs for example, ours will simply release the handset quickly and automatically alter staff. This results in zero care downtime, zero disruption and improved patient safety.

Feature Focus

All units come complete with ultra-safe EZ CALL IP circuitry monitoring. In essence, you can rely on our handsets to work when you need them too. Our system satisfies multiple codes of practice in the world including VDE 0834 and HTM 0803. This means that:

  • The system is constantly being checked for it’s health status
  • We even exceeded healthcare recommendations in certain countries
  • You can have total peace of mind that the system is working optimally

Features at a Glance

Patient Handset with Speech
  • High integrity ECS Emergency Call System circuitry monitoring
  • Wide range of handset features inc nursing and non-nursing call button types, light controls and TV/Radio entertainment
  • Superior anti-microbial protection
  • Easy speech facility
  • Numerous safety features
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Anti-static
  • Easy speech facility
  • IP 67 version available
  • Different handset cord available
  • 'Safe release' D sockets Plugs

Flyer Patient Handset