EZ CALL IP Nurse Call System Architecture

When considering the needs of both new build and upgrade projects, it’s important to factor in longer term ongoing maintenance and flexibility factors. That’s precisely why we have spent years developing our own EZ CALL IP System (TCP/IP) network solution. 

The system can be configured in three typical ways:

  1. Using a network structure knows as LON (Local Operating Network).
  2. An IP network structure knows as LAN (Local Area Network).
  3. Alternatively, the system can combine both of the above.

Three Options of Wiring Platforms - Choose the Configuration that Suits you best.

A network consists of intelligence devices called nodes, connected by one or more communications media that communicate with each other using the system protocol. Systems can be configured to combine a traditional LON (Local Operating Network) based solution with an IP topology to suit the client’s needs. This benefits our customers in three ways:

  1. Standard Contemporary Wiring – To Future Proof the Installation
    Since IP cabling represents the way in which almost all new installations are wired these days, you can be assured that your choice of system will future-proof your organisation and mitigate the risks of unnecessary unforeseen costs in the future.

  2. Easily Extendable - Limiting Extensive, Disruptive and Costly Rewiring
    The EZ CALL IP System can also deliver advantages in many site-wide facilities such as cardiac alarm, staff attack systems and mobile connections. Existing EZ CALL IP Nurse Call installations can be quickly upgraded with minimal inconvenience to the ward staff, giving a low cost path to the many benefits that an IP based system can provide.

  3. Unique Backwards Compatibility - Saving Considerable Costs & Disruption
    In cases where an existing site is upgraded and extended, our unique combined LON and LAN wiring concept, enables cables to be re-used, hence saving considerable costs and disruption.

A Platform for the Future - Designed for Modern Day Buildings
The EZ CALL IP System is the ideal option for managers looking for secure, future proofed long term perspective solutions to their healthcare infrastructure needs, supplied by a company with a wealth of experience in your business.

To conclude, our EZ CALL IP System has been designed to address modern day building and maintenance considerations. Where required, it can integrate with other IP enabled systems connected to a hospital's local area network and wide area network. The system design allows such connections to be made affordably in a security conscious way.

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Feature Focus

Our Nurse Call System in primarily intended for the protection of human life and the preservation of system integrity. If calls are not indicated as a result of a fault, people may be placed in danger.

For that reason we developed a concept which assures call and alarm signalization for our IP Nurse Call System even without data communication in case of a fault. This concept is called ECS – Emergency Call System and it is integrated in our IP nodes like our EZ CALL IP Nurse Call Switch or CT Touch IP Room Terminal.

  • One EZ CALL IP Nurse Call Switch can power up to 20 CT Touch IP Room Terminals. Each port is separately fused to avoid system downtime in case of an electrical fault within one room.
  • The integrated Emergency Call System assures call, emergency call and alarm call forwarding into the system even if data communication is not possible. Call events can be received within a patient room or at nurse display units and are not just displayed at the dome lamp in front of the calling room.
  • Up to 5EZ CALL IP Nurse Call Switches can be combined to an organizational unit which allows call forwarding in case of a fault to the whole unit.

Features at a Glance

  • IP & LON – mix & match capability
  • Numerous upgrade paths
  • Fully complies to VDE 0834 part 1 and 2
  • Integrated Emergency Call System
  • Fully integrated Real Time Location System
  • 3 level monitoring concept
  • Meets and exceeds HTM 0803

Wall paper System Architecture