Multicolour LED Dome Lamp

Nurse Call Multi Color LED Dome LampOur EZ CALL IP Dome Lamp is available with and without integral room controlling electronics. These easy to understand overdoor lights combined with synchronised tones help staff manage calls effectively.

We are also proud to employ ultra-low voltage LED technology which will extend the life of the system and lower running costs.

In the standard configuration, the selected colours are white, red, green and yellow/blue. Additional colours - magenta, cyan, violet and brown can also be predefined and selected according to requirements.

The Multicolour LED Dome Lamp with electronics monitors the connected room devices and reports their status to the main control unit of the station. Calls and presences are indicated visually and audibly, depending on the configuration. The unit has 4 visual segments with monitored LEDs. The 8 monitored inputs with the associated outputs can be freely configured. Each LED lamp segment is also individually monitored for extra peace of mind.

Should an audible alarm be required, you simply need to add a sounder module to the base of the dome lamp. This obviates the necessity of costly and disruptive extra wiring.

In cases where it’s desirable to employ a slave light, this is possible as well. It’s also a cost effective unit without electronics that can be seamlessly added to when required without much fuss.

The multi-colour LED light with electronics is fully compliant and certified to the signalling types and colours required in VDE 0834 & HTM 08-03 for peace of mind.

For more challenging environments, a robust stainless steel vandal resistant cover option also exists.

Feature Focus

Many additional colours/colour combinations including form of audible tone can also be employed to give nursing staff the best possible support in their day-to-day work and show certain room statuses.

Multiple lamp segments are combined to for better detection from great distance. This function is very helpful in the case of alarm calls especially, such as crash calls.

The status of any connected devices can be illustrated with freely customisable colours. These can instantly display their operational status (i.e working normally or in fault condition) at a glance. Typical examples include:

  • A drugs cabinet alarm
  • Dialysis device
  • Assistive care units
  • Fire alarm system

Helpful room statuses such as "Room in quarantine", “Room needs cleaning” or “Room available” can also be indicated so that staff are informed at an early stage.

Nurse Call LED Dome Lamp additional colors
Additional Color Combinations


Features at a Glance

  • Multiple customisable colour combinations – to aid operational efficiency
  • Easy to understand
  • Ultra-low voltage lifecycle friendly LED technology
  • Fully satisfies the requirements and recommendations of VDE 0834 & HTM 0803
  • Controls and monitors room patient and staff calling units
  • Visual/audible room status
  • Fully monitored LED segments
  • Attractive clinical white casing
  • Optional add-on sounder
  • Vandal resistant version available
  • Optional slave light version