EZ CALL IP Nurse Call System – Certified Safety for Patients and Managers

Nurse Call Systems are mandatory for hospitals, nursing homes, psychiatric and forensic institutions, WCs for the disabled in public facilities, prisons and all comparable institutions. Their purpose is to enable patients to summon nursing staff.

The systems are also referred to as ‘light call’, ‘care communications’, ‘call’, ‘paging’ or ‘patient call’ systems.

Certificate DIN VDE 0834 EZ CARE
DIN VDE 0834 -                   

According to DIN VDE 0834, they:

  • May only be installed, operated and maintained by trained specialists
  • May only be planned, installed, operated and maintained by trained specialist planners

The systems are primarily intended for the protection of human life and the preservation of system integrity.

If calls are not indicated as a result of a fault, (or even if faults are not detected in time for example), people may be placed in danger. Due to the nature of the environments that these systems are typically installed in, it could also literally be a matter of life and death for patients.

A modern Nurse Call System that satisfies the German standard VDE 0834 has a high standard of safety that like other security based systems, is formed of different organisational segments.

The technology for this area has reached a level at which normal operation with a standard design can only be achieved with extremely low incidences of interference.

The technical progress and the merging of different systems to complex functional units requires highly specialised planners, dedicated companies and people who have proven their competence in the planning, construction, commissioning and maintenance of these systems.

VDE 0834 overview

The German standard VDE 0834 describes the following sections.

  • Principles of a Nurse Call System
  • Planning Nurse Call System
  • Equipment and function of a Nurse Call System
  • Location of Nurse Call Equipment
  • Installing a Nurse Call System
  • Fault handling
  • The difference between a distributed alarm and an information system according VDE 0834
  • Requirements on the operator
  • Qualifications as a specialist / specialist planner

To assure that our EZ CALL IP Nurse Call System is planned, installed, commissioned and maintained according VDE 0834 we also offer training for technicians and planners on a regular basis. Please contact us for more information.

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EZ CALL IP Nurse Call System safety features at a glance

  • Fully complies to VDE 0834 part 1 and 2
  • 3 level monitoring concept
  • Integrated Emergency Call System
  • Fully monitored Dome Lamp LED segments
  • Antimicrobial protection
  • Complements and even often exceeds the safety standards of other countries
  • Monitored Patients Handset safe release feature
  • Interfaces with galvanic separation 2 x MOPP
  • Monitored PC Workstation Software Suites
  • IP based encrypted interfaces
  • System event logging

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