EZ LOCATE - Real Time Staff & Asset Location Systems

How many times have you walked the halls looking for co-workers? How many phone calls have you made trying to locate a doctor? You have better things to do with your time.

Stop the searching with our real time location technology, typically integrated into a nurse call system. Our software allows nurses to locate one another, as well as any staff member wearing our badge.

Badges and asset tags with unique ID’s constantly report back their location to ceiling mounted infra-red/radio frequency receivers. We establish a clinical-grade standard by combining safe, invisible infrared (IR) light and the communication capabilities of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). This is the most precise locating technology available to healthcare. Staff, patients, visitors and assets can all be located in real time to deliver workflow operational efficiencies.

An average hospital can waste 1000’s per day in wages due to time spent searching for mobile medical equipment, not to mention the over-procurement of assets to ensure availability. Empower your staff with real-time location information that eliminates (not just narrows) searching and with accurate data to evaluate current utilisation.

With our tracking solution, clinical and non-clinical staff alike can find equipment by simply glancing at their monitors.

The key to getting any capital investment approved is so often ROI (Return on Investment).  We’ll help justify these goals with our technology.

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Data can easily be exported to deliver KPI detail such as percentage time exam rooms are utilised, average wait times, average alone time and nurse rounding times and overall length of stay.

When the badge is idle, intervals between signals is longer and saves on battery life. This extensive badge battery life saves money, reduces the inconvenience of constantly changing the units and enhance security.

Badges also include an integral staff attack button which when pressed can summon assistance in sometimes challenging workplaces. These dual technology IR/RFID badges deliver the benefits of people and asset location as well as staff attack in the same badge.

Unique identification codes mean that users can be easily identified and safely located when necessary.

Feature Focus

You can choose between a traditional ‘List’ type view of people, items and locations or a graphical display layout - a single unit floorplan display of all tagged personnel, patients, and equipment in sensed areas available throughout a single nursing unit on all workstations and associated large screen LCD displays.

If our Asset Tracking module has already been installed, then tagged equipment can also be displayed on the same workstations providing complete visibility of both people and equipment. This automatically updated ‘electronic whiteboard’ requires no manual data entry at all. Know at a glance not only tagged staff members but also if required, the patient location.

All screens including floorplan versions, have simple search boxes to help you quickly locate colleagues and assets.

  • Choice of ‘List’ or Graphical Display Layouts
  • Real Time Electronic Whiteboard
  • Easy to Use Search Boxes

Features at a Glance

  • Easy to use software
  • List and map formats
  • Simple to use search features
  • Reduce time searching for staff
  • Locate people and assets quickly
  • Reduce phone calls
  • Increase staff satisfaction scores
  • Know where patients are located
  • Know average wait times
  • Drive patient and relative satisfaction
  • Identifies and reduces bottlenecks
  • Export data to produce reports
  • Extensive badge battery life
  • Includes integral staff attack button
  • Can be extended for other RTLS applications such as automatic nurse call, bed management, asset tracking and staff attack

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