Aug 2, 2023

Service call feature takes pressure of carers

Posted by: Inge Gross

The service call feature takes pressure of carers


Endless waiting times - shortage of skilled workers frequently leads to bottlenecks in patient care.

Current staff shortages are clearly noticeable in the nursing sector. The quality of patient care suffers a lot. Long waiting times are quite normal. EZ CARE call systems offer a variety of additional functions that help the available nursing staff.

The service call feature takes pressure of carers

Nursing staff have to take on a multitude of tasks that do not help deliver medical care. In the case where a patient needs non-medical help, the service call button can be pressed and the call will go directly to ‘hotel services’, thus freeing up valuable carer’s time.

Additional functions save time

If the patient wants to open the window or operate the blinds, this can be easily achieved with our EZ CARE patient handset. The switching on and off of reading lights and room lights is also in the patient's own hands. The already overworked nursing staff will not therefore be distracted by this and can then be freed up to concentrate on their essential tasks. This benefits both the staff and the patient.
The large selection of additional functions offers the right solution for every requirement

The most important advantages of the service and additional functions
  • Targeted calls to service staff
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • Takes the pressure off professional staff

EZ CARE's solutions help staff when faced with bottlenecks.

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