Oct 18, 2023

Room Status - The most important information at a glance

Posted by: Inge Gross

Room Status

No more endless waiting times - The most important information at a glance with the room status

Special times call for special measures - find out here how EZ CARE nurse call systems help your staff to use their valuable time exactly where it is really needed: in patient care.

Flow of Information - the secret ingredient for a successful care business

Health and care facilities need to ensure that the individual needs of patients can be taken care of at all times of operation. In times of staff shortages, this can be a major challenge that starts with room occupancy.

It’s therefore particularly important to ensure a correct, time-sensitive flow of information so that both nursing and cleaning staff, but also administration are always informed about the current status of a room. This is exactly what EZ CARE's digital Room Status feature is for.

Effective room management - no problem with EZ CARE

Room StatusAs a rule, patient rooms require intensive cleaning before they can be reoccupied. As both staff and available rooms are usually in short supply, it is particularly important that this is smoothly carried out. With EZ CARE's room status function, the nursing staff can mark the room as "to be cleaned" with a single push of a button. This information is then sent live to pre-determined displays, PCs or mobile devices without any loss of time.

As soon as the cleaning staff has cleaned the room and prepared it for the next patient, they can also set the status of the room back to "room available" at the touch of a button. Then, when the next person has been admitted, the status is set accordingly to "room occupied" - so all the professionals involved are always informed about the current status of their rooms and know exactly what needs to be done.

The EZ CARE Dashboard as an information centre

All information flows together in real time in your digital dashboard. Here you get an overview of the status of all rooms (or specially defined areas) and can see exactly which rooms are ready for occupancy and which are not. Interfaces to management systems such as HIS also make it possible to carry out rapid reoccupancy in an efficient and uncomplicated manner.

With the digitalisation of room allocation, you not only reduce the waiting time of patients, but also massively relieve your staff. Nurses often walk enormous distances per shift, especially when they have to find out information such as the room status by looking it up themselves. With EZ CARE, this is a thing of the past.

The most important advantages at a glance:
  • Central display of information in real time in the dashboard
  • Simple and intuitive operation
  • High transparency

EZ CARE's solutions help to compensate for the bottlenecks in patient care caused by the shortage of skilled workers and make life easier - for patients and for staff.

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