Nov 23, 2023

Timer and Reminder Function

Posted by: Inge Gross

Timer and Reminder Function

No more endless waiting - EZ CARE takes your time management to the next level

Special times call for special measures - find out here how EZ CARE nurse call systems use the timer and reminder function to help your staff spend their valuable time exactly where it is really needed: caring for patients.

The call to remember: Always in the right place at the right time

EZ CARE communication systems for healthcare and nursing facilities are designed to provide the best possible support to healthcare professionals and help them get the most out of their limited time. This not only reduces the burden on your staff, but also increases the quality of care for patients.

One of EZ CARE's special functions is particularly practical: the reminder call. With its help, for example, daily recurring tasks can be programmed in easily and intuitively. A reliable reminder announces to the staff in good time when they are needed with which patient.

Two important use cases: Medication and infusions

Timer and Reminder FunctionMany patients in nursing and health care facilities need assistance in taking their daily medication. As many homes are acutely affected by the shortage of skilled workers, it is all the more important to guarantee the smooth running of this difficult situation. With EZ CARE, your staff can easily create a digital schedule and receive automatic reminders about which patient needs which medication and when.

However, the reminder call can be used to shorten the patient's waiting time, for example for infusions.

For example, the nursing staff can start an infusion and determine the time window required for this via EZ CARE. A reminder is then sent at the desired end time - unnecessary trips to check whether the infusion has already been completed, for example, are now a thing of the past.

In the meantime, your staff can devote themselves to other tasks and always keep an eye on the time whilst serving the needs of several patients at the same time.

The most important advantages at a glance:
  • No loss of time due to improved time management
  • Reduction of unnecessary walking distances
  • Less stress for staff and patients and thus better quality of care

EZ CARE's solutions help to compensate for the bottlenecks in patient care caused by the shortage of skilled workers and make life easier - for patients and for staff.

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